SPUTNIK WEST COAST RANDOM SOURCE does exactly what its name suggests and is a random source of unpredictability, packed with functionality. West Coast Random Source features:

Fluctuating Random Voltages

  • Two sections for creating a fluctuating voltage
  • CV input and control over a bandwidth of .05hz to 50khz

Quantized Random Voltages

  • Pulse input for generating 1v/oct quantized random voltage
  • CV input and knob for controlling distribution of random voltages
  • Two different algorithmic outputs:
    N+1 states” and “2N states“. N is an integer number in the range 1…6 that can be adjusted with the manual control (Man N) and an external control voltage CVN with attenuator. Whenever the rising edge of the input clock signal (Clk In) appears a new random voltage is generated at the N+1 resp. 2N output. The N+1 output is capable to generate N+1 different voltage levels (or states), the 2N output up to 2Ndifferent states. If for example N is set to 4 the N+1 output generates up to 5, the 2N output 16 different states. The voltage steps of the 2N output are adjusted to 1/12 V in the factory.

Stored Random Voltages

  • Pulse input generates random voltage
  • 1st output covers 0-5V range
  • 2nd output is voltage controlled and knob alters the distribution of voltages

Noise Source

  • Three dedicated outputs for pink, white and blue noise

Sample & Hold

  • CV input, pulse input and CV output
  • odd/even pulse output (for deciding incoming pulses)
  • odd/even cv output (for sampled voltages)


  • Portamento/slew/glide with voltage control over slew time

28hp +12V/-12V/+5V

MSRP: $299